Rondo Brothers

Обложка альбома Rondo BrothersThe Rondo Brothers are a musical collaboration between multi-instrumentalists and producers Diamond Jim (Jim Greer) and The Bastard Prince (Brandon Arnovick) from San Francisco, California. Greer (primarily keyboards, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, drum programming) and Arnovick (primarily lead guitar, drum programming) were mutual friends in San Francisco who worked together at a now closed nightclub called the Paradise Lounge. Upon first entering into the music business in San Francisco, one of the first people both musicians met was Dan The Automator who started using them as musicians for various projects and tours. Jim Greer played keyboards for the original Dr. Octagon live band, and Brandon Arnovick played guitar on the Deltron 3030 and Lovage albums as well as accompanying the groups on US tours. While doing various side jobs for Dan the Automator, Jim Greer also worked extensively as a producer and founded a record label. His first major production was the legendary art-rock group the Gun & Doll Show, whose 1998 debut album he recorded in Petaluma, CA.